Maid Name
Alfreng Duazon
Ref. Code
FA- Alfreng
Rest Day Preference
1 rest days per month
Date of Birth
25/11/1981 (age: 38 yrs)
Place of Birth
Nueva Eaja
8 of 9
157 cm / 52 kg
Marital Status
2 (age 15yo (g), 18yo (g))
High School (10~12 yrs)
Language Skill
English (Fair, 0 yrs)
& Experience
Care for Infant/Children   4 yr
Care for Elderly   -
Care for Disabled   -
General Housework   4 yr
Cooking   4 yr
Other Information
Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to handle beef?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do gardening work?
Able to do simple sewing?
Willing to wash car?
Working Experience
Singapore 4 mo
Other Countries 4 yr
Maid Introduction
  • Experienced in taking care of children in Lebanon, Singapore and Jordan
  • Able to cook Filipino food very well and willing to learn new recipes in Singapore 

Alfreng is a 38yo Filipino domestic helper. She is blessed with 2 children aged 15yo and 18yo girls who she took care of since they were newborn babies. She is the 8th child in her family of 9th. Alfreng  is currently  a housewife. Her husband is a farmer but the salary is low. Therefore, she is looking forward to working in Singapore to earn more money to support her children.

Jul  2010 to Sept 2012 (2 years 2 months): Alfreng was working in Lebanon for a family of 4 sir/Mam with 2 children aged 6yo (boy) and 8yo (girl). The family stayed in a apartment  with 2 bedrooms. Alfreng was the stay in housemaid. She was responsible for caring for the 2 children as her mam is a working mother. Her duties included but were not limited to showering, changing clothes, feeding and she slept with the children in the night.  In addition, she also managed all the household chores like washing, cleaning, laundry, ironing and cooking. 

Aug 2013 to Dec 2014 ( 4 months): Alfreng was working in Singapore for a family of 3, Sir/Mam with 1 child. The family stayed in a 1 storey bungalow wtih 2 bedrooms. Alfreng was the stay in housemaid. Her duties was to take care of the child. In addition she was required to cleaned other 4 houses  which were the  house of employer's mother and employer's 2 sisters. Hence, she decided to terminate her contract with the employer.

May  2017 to May 2019 ( 2 years): Alfreng was working in Jordan for a family of 3, Sir/ Mam with 1 new born baby. The family stayed in a condo with 3 bedrooms. Alfreng was the only stay in housemaid. She was solely responsible for caring for the baby. Her mam was not working . Her duties included but not limited to diapering, showering, changing clothes, preparing milk and feeding. In addition, she also managed all the household chores like washing, cleaning, laundry, ironing and cooking. 

During our face to face interview in Manila, Alfreng shared that she is able to cook and she enjoys cleaning the house and seeing them neat and tidy. After her 2 years stint, she decided to take a break and focus on caring for her children. She is now ready to work abroad to earn more money for their future. Alfreng describes herself as a hardworking person. 

Video Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr328V_nSmo

Alfreng will like to request for 1 Off a month to recharge. 

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